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Advanced Long Lasting Treatment of Rising Damp in Dubai

Innovative & Reliable Rising Damp Treatment
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Innovative & Reliable Rising Damp Treatment

Residence ET Patrimoine is a leader in providing highly reliable rising damp treatment services. Our best-in-class rising damp solutions are highly cost-effective. We employ advanced strategies including damp proofing injection cream, damp proof membrane and others.

We create a strong water-repellent barrier that stops water from rising up the wall. Our expert technicians have the required knowledge and experience to handle rising damp issues of any complexity.       

Keep your home safe from Rising Damp
Keep your home safe from Rising Damp

Skilled technicians ensure your home is completely safe from rising damp issues

Guaranteed renovation solutions

Reliable and durable solutions that eliminate rising damp and keep your home safe and beautiful

Comprehensive solutions

We apply the latest and most effective techniques and products to remove rising damp

Value-added services

Our value-added rising damp solutions improve indoor air quality, and enhance wall aesthetics.

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.Innovative anti-rising damp solutions

Long-lasting, customer-friendly wall treatment

Rising dampness is a major threat to any home. Beyond showing your home in a bad light, rising dampness can affect the health of residents and deteriorate structural strength.  As a leading home renovation service provider in UAE, Residence ET Patrimoine provides the best curative and preventative solutions to rising dampness.

Our solutions are designed to last longer, thus completely taking away the stress and worries related to the nagging issue of rising dampness from our clients. Our endeavor is to provide services that exceed client expectations.

Long-lasting, customer-friendly wall treatment
Protect your family from allergy and respiratory issues
.Proven expertise in fighting rising damp

Protect your family from allergy and respiratory issues

As a leading home renovation service agency in Dubai, we are committed to ensuring a comfortable and healthy living environment in your home by successfully tackling rising damp. We consistently deliver flawless and client-friendly home renovation services with utmost responsibility.

Having been in the business of home renovation for over a decade in France, we have the best expertise to remove rising damp

Durable, cost-effective solution to rising damp
Advanced techniques, hassle-free execution
Top-notch curative & preventive solutions
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